Feb 2, 2018


The website is currently being updated for 2018 and is about 70% complete. There is some valuable information available if you want to have a better understanding of how to get the most from LIAC.


On the Home Page read the letter under:


On the Sponsors Page read the letter under:
Click Here for a copy of the letter sent to the Accordion Clubs by Doris Osgood.


For those of you participating in the Gazebo Ensemble, there is important information on performing opportunities and the playlist for 2018. See  the information under:

Performances/Gazebo Schedule


Note: The ticket order form, The gazebo sign-up sheet, the Grange schedule, and Workshop schedule will be ready in a few weeks.


Jan 18, 2018


LIAC 2018 will be another great event with the celebration of our 25th year!!!!

Dear Friends of the Accordion,


First of all, thank you so much for your interest in the Leavenworth International Accordion Celebration (LIAC). This festival is put on by volunteers and without your interest and support there will be no accordion festival like this in the Pacific Northwest.


Second, we are currently updating the website so you will still see some 2017 items on the website until we are fully updated. This will take a few weeks.


We will continue with the format utilizing the Festhalle, Gazebo, and Grange with concerts, workshops, sign-up sheets for performing, vendors, and our special accordion competition.

Our website is currently being updated for 2018: www.accordioncelebration.org .


All our evening concerts will be top-quality as usual. See details of these performances on our Performers page.


Schedule not yet finalized


Our Thursday concerts will have:

Alicia Baker Roland

Music and Dancing Ken Olendorf Tribute Band

More TBA


Our Friday concerts will have:

Former Leavenworth Open competition winners                        

Murl Allen Sanders

Music and Dancing Bruce Gassman


Our Saturday concerts will have:

Performance by current and past winners of Leavenworth Open

Michael Bridge                                    

Cory Pesaturo          

Music and Dancing LIAC Jam Dance Band              


LIAC will be held on June 21 24, 2018. This will be LIAC number 25 and the 9th year the Northwest Accordion Society has produced the festival.  The first eight years were very successful and we will continue to fine-tune events to make LIAC 2018 live up to our high standards.


The LIAC committee is pleased to announce that the bursary program will continue.  To that end, we must raise money specifically for that purpose.  It has been a goal of the accordion celebration to encourage and support accordionists, particularly young accordion students.  Please consider donating money for the bursary program; its an investment in the future of the accordion in our region.


To donate, please go to the Home page of our website:  www.accordioncelebration.org .


We look forward to seeing you at LIAC 2018

Bonnie Birch and the LIAC Committee

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