Overview of the LIAC

There are three main venues for the festival: the Grange Hall, the Gazebo, and the Festhalle.

The Festhalle will be used for the competition, concerts, and vendor displays in the foyer.

The Grange Hall will be used as the education center. It has two floors…the upper floor will have a performance space for all levels of performers (we often call this “the rising star stage”); we will offer free accordion lessons, CD sales, sheet music sales, other vendor displays. The lower level will be used for workshops.

The Gazebo is a great place to perform outdoors for tourists and accordion friends. We have a sign-up sheet with 15 min. slots where accordionists may perform. The Gazebo will be used as in prior years although this year, we will have both professional and amateur players.

In addition, we expect to schedule some professional accordionists/groups in restaurants during the dinner hour. Later in the evening, we look forward to the spontaneous jam sessions that can’t be beat.

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The Venues

The Festhalle

The Grange

The Gazebo


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